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Title     : Rain

Author : mccrdel

Pairing : Sam/Ainsley

Rating  : K

Summary : She entered the cafe just to escape the rain
Notes : Set before the Santos Administration.

Disclaimer : I own nothing, not even the computer in witch I wrote this (Sad I know, anyhow…). The West Wing, and the characters belongs to Aaron Sorkin, John Wells Production and Warner Bros.

A/N: Thanks to Phyllis for the beta and some lines.




by mccrdel

She entered the cafe just to escape the rain. She should have guessed the weather would be bad. It was DC after all. It had been almost five years, but she knew better than to leave her hotel room with out a jacket.

The coffee shop was nice. It was full of normal people, not politicians. That was what she liked best about it. Ainsley had no desire to run into anyone from either side of the aisle so soon after Leo's funeral.

She missed DC. She missed the White House. She also missed the people who work there, the senior staff in particular. She even missed her office. Rolling her eyes, a tiny smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, as she thought about the steam pipe trunk distribution venue.  It had been small and cramped but it had been hers.

Ainsley hoped she wouldn't have to miss the White House much longer.  She’d had a meeting with Josh.  He’d been interested and polite.  She knew there was talk that President Elect Matt Santos was more interested in if a person could get the job done than his or her party affiliation.

Her eyes had been glued to the pastries as they processed her order, now if she only could find an empty table...



Sam entered the cafe just to escape from the rain. Four years in southern California had pampered him. He was used to sunshine and warm dry days and had forgotten the weather in DC. He had also forgotten how good the city made him feel.

He saw her first. She was alone looking for a table, and so was he. He though that maybe she wouldn't remember him. He was oh so wrong.

She saw him and gave him the sweetest smile he had have ever seen.  For a second he was back almost six years, in her office at the White House singing Gilbert and Sullivan, for her, with the rest of the senior staff.

He smiled back, and hardly remembered moving to her side when she beckoned for him to join her.

They found a table, and over lattes and muffins, they talked about their lives.

He told her about his new job as Deputy Chief of Staff, his eyes sparkled with every word. She knew this was his place, not California, not in a big law firm. He was supposed to be here, in Washington, in the White House, serving his country. This was his place. His time had come around again and she knew there would be no stopping him.

She told him about her life, and her desire to serve in the White House again. They laughed at the idea of her working for another Democrat.  He called it irony.  She nodded and thought of it as fate. 

They keep on talking about everything and nothing. He told her about the break up with his fiancé. She told him that he would find a woman who didn't care about the money, or the hours of the job, one who accept him and his career.

When both of them realized that it was late, they said theirs goodbyes and promise to keep in touch.

So it wasn't a surprise when he saw her coming out of Josh’s office with a big smile on her face. She was appointed Chief White House Council.

As they walked in opposite directions, to their respective transition offices, each wondered what the future held in store.  One thing both were certain of was that if the past was any indication, life had just become much more interesting.





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